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Buying or selling a home? Chances are, you’ll need an inspection to do either! At Stellar Inspections, our Sugar Hill home inspectors do very detailed home inspections and very little gets past them. Our reports are completely thorough and detailed, with clear language that lets you know the status of each angle of your home inspection.

Do I Have to Get a Home Inspection?

Well, that depends. In most cases, yes, it is the law to get your home or dwelling inspected. Local laws may require you to hire an inspector, depending on the reason you need one. You can find out about home inspection laws at www.ashi.org

What Does It Cover?

A normal residential inspection will consist of the basement, water heater, HVAC, physical structure, electrical and plumbing systems. A comprehensive list that our Sugar Hill home inspectors check off very carefully. We note any improper structures that are either hazardous or are not up to local code. Maintenance issues, leaks, safety and fire issues are also noted on our home inspection reports.

There Are a Few Reasons to Get a Home Inspected

Pre-Listing and Resale Inspections: The seller of the residence hires Stellar Inspections to check all conditions of the dwelling. We then create a report containing and all-inclusive list of the conditions of the various aspects of the home as well as the needed repairs to be performed.

Framing and Foundation Inspections: During a framing or foundation inspection, our expert will concentrate on the materials used to build the residence as well as how they were built. Design, frame support, foundation cracks and causes as well as geology and soil are all factors included in the reports.

New Construction Inspections: This will be serve as the ultimate walk-through for the homeowner. We will examine the house and make sure everything is safe, up to code and installed correctly. We make note of any defects that need to be fixed.

Proficient Home Inspectors in Sugar Hill, GA

Having served the Sugar Hill and surrounding area for years, Stellar Inspections will do whatever it takes to be your local home inspection company. We have the confidence and trust of a vast number of homeowners in Gwinnett County and have earned our reputation for meticulous home inspections in Sugar Hill. With our licenses, insurance, certifications, real estate experience and customer service, you can rest assured that you will get brilliant inspections.

Sugar Hill, Ga is a burgeoning town that has grown quite rapidly. The city boasts a fantastic amphitheater, pavilion and sports courts and the wonderful Sugar Hill Golf Club. This confectionary sounding city has earned the motto, “The Sweet Life.”

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